Multidiciplinary artist based in Gothenburg Sweden.

Mainly working with textile, synthetic hair and ceramics.

Kim has a mosaic-like process, working in layers and with repetition,

to create sculptures in mixmedia.

Learning and inventing new craft techniques in the process as well as involving others for example through workshops.

She often use found materials and takes consideration to the physical and social environment she is in. Working with what there is and not forcing materials into something that goes against their properties, using art as a method to talk about difficult topics and create change.

FGM activist!

Stora Ögat 2023

Textile sculpture, created during Gamlestadsgalej as a participatory art work. 

Exibited during Östra Göteborg konstrundan, Kulturhuset Bergsjön  


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2023 Konstrundan Östra Göteborg

Konstrundan Östra Göteborg

2023 Publication, Between Affinity and Rupture: Tracing BubblesArvinius + Orfeus Publishing

2023 Group exhibition arranged by Konstkuppen, Gamlestan slakthuset, Gothenburg, Sweden


2022  Group show “Mellan tillhörighet och uppbrott: spåra bubblor”, showcasing the sculpture  Kakelugn شومینه estufa de ceramica, Kulturhuset Bergsjön Göteborg 

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2022 Solo exhibition Kollektion för Fitt-Förstoring (Collection for Cunt-enlargement), Kulturhuset Bergsjön Gothenburg Sweden

2022 FORTY, forty artists from Seden and abroad were invited to this group exhibition, Gallery CC Malmo, Sweden

2022 Performance The Lake med Kulturstöd Pronto, Kvibergs kulturhus 

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2021 Grup show ... och skuggorna, Gallery Backlund, Göteborg

2021 Examensutställning Clear Eyes Full Heart, Galleri Konstepidemin, Göteborg


2020 Group Show December Salon, Gothenburg Art Association, Sweden

2020 Sculpture Leave Them Alone – A trace of a manifestation, Zomersalon Kunsthal Ghent, Belgium


2020 Performance The Lake, 13Festivalen a Performance festival, Gothenburg Sweden


Kollektion för Fitt-Förstoring

(Collection for Cunt Enlargement)

Size matters

Textile patchwork and embroidered synthetic hair


Conceptual text, about the project

The project Collection for Cunt Enlargement uses enlargement in contrast to the diminution of the cunt that takes place linguistically, through social constructions, misinformation and myths to instead claim space. As a volume instead of a hole or a negative. The cunt ought to be small, discreet, tight and should not be seen or smell.

"Cunt" (“Fitta” in swedish) is frequently used as a curse word and therefore I have intended to reclaim it as a positively charged word.

Myths that circuits around that the cunt needs to be cleaned and changed allows for unnecessary activities like douching the vagina. It is claimed to prevent pregnancy while in fact it interferes with the pH balance and increases the risk of getting diseases.

The word shame is also embedded in the word for labia in several languages.

Shame counteracts reliable facts and misleads people to learn correct basic anatomy such as not knowing the difference between the vagina and the vulva or knowing that the urethra is not located in the vagina.

Cosmetic surgery of the vagina has increased in recent times, where the labia and the clitoral hood are usually reduced. When performing female genital mutilation (FGM) type II or excision the labia minora and the clitoral glans are completely removed. FGM is a violation of human rights and a tradition that has existed in all parts of the world and is not tied to any specific religion. The differences between FGM and cosmetic surgery do not seem that large.

Kollektion för Fitt-Förstoring

- Konstepidemin 2021

-Kulturhuset Bergsjön 2022

Kimzonite har gjort en rolig och subversiv klädkollektion full med tofsar. Den heter ‘Kollektion för Fitt-Förstoring’ och kan ses som en replik mot det förödmjukande förminskandet som sker av kvinnor dagligdags och kanske även som en reaktion mot den estetiska kutymen: kvinnor får gärna förstora brösten men deras könsorgan ska helst se ut som orörda små flickors’ 

Sara Arvidson GP kultur

Kollektion för Fitt-Förstoring speaks loud and quiet at the sametime

Amila Puzic

Kim är inte rädd för att tackla svåra frågor och göra sin röst hörd i både sitt konstnärskap och aktiva deltagande i utbildningen. I sitt ambitiösa examensprojekt blandar Kim på ett framgångsrikt sätt sina personliga materialundersökningar, musik och frågeställningar med sitt intresse för att synliggöra grupper i periferin av samhällets medvetande

Motivering stipendium ur Stiftelsen Theodor och Hanne Mannheimers Fond

-Interpreting spoken language as a bubble to experience the world through

2023 Publication, Between Affinity and Rupture: Tracing BubblesArvinius + Orfeus Publishing

The Lake

UV Performance 2023 Kvibergskulturhus with culture grant and 2020 13festivalen konstepidemin

Costume design, musical composing and performing , coreography.

Collaboration with Sankt Marie 2023

And Ajami Solros 2020

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